Services Offered

-Line Snaking   Also known as roto-rooting. This  is an age old method where the technician sends a cable down the drain to break up the clog then retrieve it. 


       Alaska Quality Septic provides fast and easy drain cleaning for even the toughest clogs. Our experienced technicians use top of the line equipment to provide a smooth process in repairing your drain line. 

​"Hauling only Alaska made products"

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-Steam Thawing​     Is an extremely valuable service especially during the cold Alaskan months. The equipment we have produces hot steam that will thaw out the toughest freeze ups that are common in Alaska.

-​Hydro Jetting    Sends high pressure water down a line to remove  blockages or even remove  organic material from the sides of the pipe to restore your pipes to full capacity.

-Sewer Camera Inspections   When a problem continues to happen over and over it can be very frustrating. That's why a sewer camera is essential to getting to the bottom of the hardest of problems. Alaska Quality Septic can send a camera down your main line drain and get right to the source of the problem saving you money in the long run.